Report of SIBC in this years competition by Paul Jones

We used a squad of 13 players, with 5 forming the backbone of the team and supporting every game.

The games are two rinks either home or away. Scoring is 2 pts per winning rink plus 3 extra points for winning the game overall, a total of 7 points up for grabs per game.

Our first game clashed with a Wessex game and was postponed, leaving us at the foot of the table.

2nd game was at home to Erdington Court . Result was we won one rink, lost one rink, but won match overall 34 pts to 30 pts.

3rd game was at home to Welford, once again we won one rink, lost one rink but won match overall 45 pts to 30 pts

4th game was away to Avon Valley. Sadly we lost both rinks and game 48 pts to 29 pts

At this stage we were in 4th position and our next game was against the leaders Coventry, 7 pts adrift.

Only a win would be of any use at all.

5th game, home to Coventry. Won both rinks and game overall 47 pts to 28 pts. This win put us joint top, with 22 pts. but ahead on shot difference. Avon Valley were in third place on 19 pts, Welford in 4th on 18 pts.

We went into the last round of games knowing that Coventry had no games left, so 5 pts were needed to secure victory.

6th game was away at City of Birmingham. You could say a needle match against our closest rivals. Luckily Solihull managed to win both rinks and the match 47 pts to 39 pts

Hence giving Solihull a resounding victory and taking the Warwick Trophy